PinHeadz - Wave 3!

Martian Toys

$ 10.00

Martian Toys is pleased to release our set of "Wave 3" pins. Featuring the artists, Mizna Wadna, Jellykoe, el Hooligan, Czee13, Sentrock, Quiccs and MCA

Buy just one or buy them all!  

Wave 4 pins are in production too... : )


  • Hard enamel pins
  • Include art card / pin back in plastic wrapped
  • First edition
  • size approximately 1.5" x 1.5" 

please note :

eligible pins for 5 for $40 or 10 for $75 deal. some pins are not listed properly, just simply email us and tell us which pins you would like and we will accommodate you. : )

 wave 1 = Ravanger (Quiccs), Shivers (rxseven) , Gamera & Kidzilla (Yoii), Spiki (Nakanari), Lava Bear (Nathan Hamill), Nuggs (NuggLife)

wave 2 = FragileAmI (DaveMarkArt), Decap (Betso), Astro Marshall (64colors), Toma (Tomodachi Island), Toby (Squink), Varel (Blackbox Katsuya), Casper (Gretchen Lewis), Kyoot (ibreaktoys)

wave 3 = electric bride and vampire love (mizna wadna), B Positive! (jellykoe), empty (czee13), Forbidden TEQ63 (Quiccs), evil ape (MCA), bird mask (Sentrock)

Strange Cat Toys = Astro Crash (Josh Devine), Lucky Bear Champ (JC Rivera), and Dulk1's Strange Bird pin

DexDexign = Yeti, Spidey, Venom