Dead Bear by Nicky Davis

Martian Toys

$ 60.00

Dead Bears don't hibernate! Meet the latest fierce creature in the Designer Toy World - The Dead Bear! by artist, Nicky Davis. You're bound to see a few sub species of Dead Bears but to start Martian Toys is pleased to introduce you to WereBear and Voodoo Queen! Both come with not one but two super cool accessories - a ghost and a skull! 

  • ~5.5" tall (makes a great body guard for 3" Dunnys)
  • 2 first colors available now to ship
  • Comes with BOTH skull + ghost accessories - ~ size of a vinyl dumpling toy
  • Andrea Kang's variant - "Bear Bones" now available 
  • Buy any save some dough!
  • Buy all 3 save even more!

All Bear Bones (Andrea Kang Variant) ship with a new Sugar Puff Sticker Free!