Song Song Meow by SECOND x Toyzero Plus


$ 12.00

TOY0+ is excited to announce our first collaboration with Taiwanese artist “SECOND”, and his adorable character “Song Song Meow”. Not just any cat, having the healing image of cute wrinkled eyebrowand holding a mobile phone in its hand, Song Song Meow cured our worries, and also won the hearts of everyone. TOY0+ is introducing a mini sofubi series of “Song Song Meow.I Am Here With You” to the fans.

Designed by SECOND, “I Am Here With You” series included 4 different versions of Song Song Meow: with Box /  with Love /  with Relax /  with Hug

Blind box version also included a special golden-painted cardbox as hidden edition!

Song Song Meow – ARTIST : SECOND – <Taiwanese Designers>

Size: approx. 43-56mm

Material: Soft Vinyl