Meowlting Chocolate DCon 2019 Release by I Love Doodle. x Mighty Jaxx

$ 99.00

Dcon 2019 Exclusive!

Craving something sweet in every sense of the word? Look no further, because two of the sweetest things have finally perfectly combined into one!

Introducing "Meowlting", an adorable piece by I Love Doodle, which cleverly puts together a chubby kitty and a vanilla ice-cream cone! If this doesn't "meowlt" your heart, we honestly don't know what will!

The simplicity of this piece is what makes it so loveable, as we have translated the minimal illustrations of I Love Doodle into 3D sculptures. We made it a point to stay as true to the clean style of I Love Doodle's original illustration as possible, and voila, this elegant 6" vinyl art collectible is born! You can check out the illustration that "Meowlting" is based off right HERE