Close Encounter by Geoffrey Gersten

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Martian Toys is pleased to release our 4th installment in our Artist Series...

Geoffrey Gersten delivers a charming yet potent piece of art with "Close Encounter". Both Geoffrey's aesthetics and his themes play well both on Martian Toys and in the larger modern designer art world. 

This piece is actually a diptych (artwork made up of two matching parts). Part I is a 4 x 6 (inch) image of a bear facing down Part II,  a 12 x 6 (inch) extremely detailed old war era tank. It's a dynamic art piece that allows the user to experiment with the spacing and alignment of the pieces.  Customers are encouraged to post insitu shots on Instagram and tag #MartianToys #GeoffreyGersten #CloseEncounterDiptych. 

Close Encounter is not alien themed unless you consider how alien humanity must seem to sentient beings elsewhere.

  • Diptych consisting of both 4 x 6 and a 12 x 6 images that work together
  • Printed on bright white 3/4 inch sustainable birch wood by
  • Limited Edition of 50

Save $25 if you buy both Close Encounter Diptych PrintsOnWood set + Close Encounter 12 x 16 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Glicee