Fröhlich by Brandi Milne

$ 40.00
By Brandi Milne

Foreword by Camille Rose Garcia
Introduction by Jan Helford

"A world of wondrous creation, Fröhlich takes us on a journey back to childhood; where our lives were filled with dreams and imagination.  I will be keeping this one out on my coffee table, so that I can continue to drift away to a place even I couldn't make up." - Becky Hansen,

"Pretty girls, corpulent cakes, and big eyed animals: The depictions of these in Milne's work are ghostly remnants of a certain time and place that no longer exists, and these characters often have the feeling of a vague and fading dream." - Camille  Garcia, Artist

"Brandi wields the hand of a master draftsman, blending her unique plethora of fantastic characters with the fluid motion of a Disney Silly Symphony." - Jan Helford, Corey Helford Gallery

Brandi Milne grew up happily surrounded by a wealth of inspiration - classic cartoons, coloring books, Sid and Marty Kroft creations, toys, candies, and the kitchy fabrics and notions of the times. Self-taught and emotionally driven, Milne's work speaks of love, loss, pain and heartbreak. She decorates it oddly with a wink of humor and a delicious candied-coat finish - an addictive combination. Brandi's work is celebrated and supported in fine art galleries internationally, and has been showcased in Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz.


Foil-Stamped, Embossed, Die-Cut Hardcover
152 Pages

9" x 9"