Satyr Rory Zodiac Ed. Blindbox Series by Seulgie x POP Mart

$ 11.00

The stars have aligned for 2019 as Seulgie Lee & POPMART have annouced a new blind box mini series with a Zodiac theme! Staring Seulgie Lee’s Satyr Rory dressed up as 12 Horoscope signs.

The BLINDBOX series which features pocket-size editions of her lovable “Satyrs” & “Rorys” that we’ve loved over the years, powered by the folks at POPMART, now you can be one of the first to own the series. A blessing for collectors who miss out on rare Seugie release and with a blind box series easily more affordable and you can COLLECT THEM ALL.

From The Toy Chronicle


For a complete series, purchase a case for all 12 designs!