Twinkles by Miss Van

by Drago
$ 45.00

The book traces the Twinkles work since 2008 Miss Van Stolen Heart Series at its last exhibition Twinkles through Still a little or Immaculada Magic. The book shows how Miss Van has evolved over time, while remaining unruffled in his representations of the female figure, probably in part autobiographical. Miss Van was able to develop his favorite character from a world of bright colors, to a world darker and more intense. Over time, Miss Van has thus closer to the Pop art movement like Surrealism and integrates undeniable influences like those of Frida Kahlo. Twinkles allows us to understand the evolution of the artist to paint a style more mature and sophisticated, without losing touch with its origins Street Art.

88 color pages
Size : 30X20 cm
Full-page reproductions of works of art.
Published by DRAGO